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Weed Measurements – Shop Like a Pro

Weed Measurements

June 9, 2023News

Understanding weed measurements may seem like a complex mathematics equation when all the various terms and nicknames used at dispensaries come flooding in. By understanding these measurements, however, you’ll be able to shop like an expert!

An eighth of bud, equivalent to 3.5 grams, is the standard measurement used by many regulated marketplaces and retail shops for measuring cannabis.


A weed measurement guide might not seem necessary in your cannabis arsenal, but it could save both money and time. By understanding your measurements accurately, knowing them will help prevent you from over-purchasing or spending too much, as well as running up against state possession limits or spending money on expired cannabis that has been sitting around too long.

The cannabis metric system can be dauntingly confusing. Terms such as grams, eights, quarters and ounces all sound the same at first glance – not to mention all their associated slang words! For your own good and for ease, here is a breakdown of some common measurements to help make informed buying decisions for yourself.

A gram of marijuana is the smallest amount that can be purchased and is generally sufficient for several joints or blunts, or to test out a new strain or type. A typical retail price for one is $10-20 although some dispensaries offer cheaper deals.

If you want to measure one gram of marijuana without using a scale, simply fold a sheet of paper in half with four folded parts protruding on both sides and each folded section weighing roughly one gram – an accurate reading can be made using a dollar bill as the scale; the method is both inexpensive and accessible; perfect for measuring any piece of weed or herb! According to our study results, most factors exhibited adequate convergence validity, with exception of daily sessions frequency, cannabis concentrate quantity and edible quantity measurement factors.

Weed Measurements: Quarters

Measuring cannabis may not be an exciting part of cannabis consumption, but they’re essential when buying. Common amounts are an eighth, quarter and ounce. Although measurements may differ by state and dispensary, most are consistent across them all – knowing what each measurement represents can help you decide how much weed to buy for your next trip to JARS location.

An eighth of weed refers to one-eighth of an ounce, or approximately 3.5 grams. An eighth is often enough to create several joints or blunts and fill several bowl packs – not to mention it’s often fairly cost effective and offers exceptional value for your money.

A quarter is double the size of an eighth and equals seven grams, providing enough material to make several full-sized joints or 14 half-sized joints, depending on smoking habits and consumption preferences. Also referred to as a “quad” or “Q”, a quarter can make for an excellent option for heavier smokers.

A quarter ounce is an ideal starting point for those new to purchasing cannabis who don’t wish to overdo it with too much bud at once. It provides enough for several smoking sessions without returning to the dispensary after just a few days; for more weed lovers who just can’t seem to get enough, a half ounce (14 grams of weed) may yield up to 30 joints depending on how you roll it!


Weed Measurements

The quarter size is one of the most widely available amounts available in modern regulate markets. At seven grams of cannabis, this size allows most users to roll three or four joints. A quarter’s only widespread name in cannabis circles is quad (two-eighths), though regional variations may exist. If you know what you mean when discussing cannabis quantities then that’s all that really matters!

A half-ounce of marijuana weighs 14 grams, making it an excellent option for daily users or for stockpiling for larger parties or celebrations. Also referred to as a “half zip,” one such purchase should last several months if quality and price checks are performed beforehand.

An ounce is the largest increment for measuring cannabis, and most dispensaries sell their product using this unit of measure. It is equals 28 grams and often comes packaged pre-weighed bags for your convenience. An ounce can be purchased in any quantity from any dispensary; it’s best to shop with one that is trustworthy and honest about their measurements to avoid getting shortchanged on your purchase of cannabis. Before purchasing an ounce of marijuana in your region, be aware of its legal possession limits. Exceeding three ounces can result in fines and even jail time; thus it is crucial that you are familiar with all available measurements and prices of marijuana.

Weed Measurements: One-ounces

Apart from cultivation and manufacturing methods, weed hasn’t changed much since its days as an illegal drug. One consistent aspect is the measurement system. Though it may initially seem daunting, understanding measurements is easy enough for anyone – especially with this handy guide! No matter your experience level or whether you’re just starting out as a consumer – knowing your measurements is important in saving money while adhering to any state possession limits; and it will prevent wasteful consumption that goes stale prematurely.

An eighth of an ounce, commonly referred to as a slice or half-quarter, should be enough for one person and may last several sessions or joints. On average it costs around $10 but prices will depend on location and strain.

If you’re in the market for more, a quarter-pound is an ideal way to stock up. A quarter-pound costs roughly $18 per gram and can found in most stores that offer legal marijuana sales.

An ounce of marijuana should last you quite some time and is generally the maximum legal purchase limit. An ounce typically contains 28 grams, earning it the name a “zip”, from its pre-legalization handling in resealable plastic bags.

One pound is the ultimate purchase for cannabis consumption, providing unlimited sessions. A pound consists of 16 ounces and is equivalent to 454 grams. However, due to possible criminal violations in any give jurisdiction if such an amount was sell directly to consumers as it would constitute an offense.

Weed Measurements: Pounds

Weed Measurements

The pound is the maximum amount of cannabis you can purchase as an individual consumer at once, typically containing 16 ounces or 448 grams. This amount should provide ample material to last most serious smokers several months.

Most consumers don’t purchase cannabis in this amount; typically a pound is reserve for dispensary owners and other cannabis professionals who buy wholesale in large volumes. It is more cost-effective for them to do so.

One pound of marijuana is quite rare to come by, yet some dispensaries offer them for sale. They tend to feature multiple strains and can sell for as much as $800 in certain locations.

Though more costly than an ounce, one pound of cannabis offers many more experiences and opportunities for experimentation than its smaller counterpart. You may experience many of the same highs and lows but with even more ways to discover its effects.

As a beginner in purchasing cannabis, it can be confusing navigating all of the language and terms involved with purchasing it. Grams and ounces are two different measurements of weight; therefore it is essential that you learn their respective meanings. An important tip when purchasing cannabis is understanding that one half-ounce is equivalent to approximately 14 grams, which should fill a standard plastic sandwich bag. That way, you can keep track of your purchases and ensure you’re getting value for your money. Learn the basic units of measurement used in your country so you can interpret localized language jargon and terminology. In the US, quarter-ounce is often call “qp” or “lid,” whereas other countries might prefer calling it a “zip.” Learning these units of measure before visiting a dispensary will save time when purchasing products there.

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