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Secretary of State Oregon – Search the Business Registry Database

secretary of state oregon

November 13, 2023News

Secretary of State Oregon in Salem is your go-to source for government services. Access their Business Registry database, order UCC and notary public forms or renew your business online – they offer it all!

To register an assumed name with the Business Registry, a legal address where notices from it will be sent – including renewal notices – such as a post office box is sufficient.

Corporation Division

A business corporation is a separate legal entity that can conduct business activities, raise capital and issue stock shares. It is managed by its directors. Before starting operations, however, the corporation must register under an easily distinguishable name that stands out in records as distinct from any existing ones, and nominate an agent to serve process.

The Corporation Division serves as the primary agency for corporate and business filings. Working to provide more online services for businesses, this division offers an online application for registering limited liability companies as well as a consolidated registration form for multiple LLCs and corporations, offering efficient filing processes that save both costs and time.

Apart from business corporation filings, this agency also handles other kinds of filings related to business. It can register professional corporations established under Chapter 356 RSMo for professionals like accountants, architects or engineers; attorneys at law; chiropodist-podiatrists; dentists; doctors of medicine or osteopathy; physicians surgeons or chiropractors; psychologists; veterinarians and all natural persons licensed as real estate salespersons.

The Agency of the Secretary of State Oregon serves as an advocate for small businesses in Oregon. Their Office of Small Business Assistance works closely with small companies (up to 100 employees) that need help understanding state and local requirements, acting as an invaluable resource.

After the formation of a business corporation, an organizational meeting must be held to adopt bylaws and elect officers. Bylaws must comply with statutes and articles of incorporation for compliance purposes, while S corporations must submit Form 2553 with the IRS to become eligible for federal tax status as such.

New businesses have obligations to the Oregon Secretary of State Agency as well as other state and federal entities, so the Corporations Division has compiled a list of agencies they should contact for information or filings.

Elections Division

The Secretary of State Oregon is an elected constitutional officer within the executive branch of state government. They serve as auditor of public accounts, chief elections officer, administrator of public records and are first in line to succeed the governor should there be any vacancies.

Oregon was the first U.S. state to start holding all elections by mail in 1999, greatly improving voter convenience while upholding high security and integrity standards.

Voter registration lists are kept current with accurate data, including citizenship verification processes to ensure only eligible voters appear on them. Furthermore, ballot counting systems are regularly tested using pre-marked paper ballots that are counted and compared against reports produced by tally systems; results of each test are then certified by Elections Division staff and filed as Public Logic and Accuracy Testing Certification documents with each county.

As part of its work, the Elections Division also handles election-related issues like petitions for ballot initiatives and referendums, working closely with county governments on voter registration by checking names on lists are accurate, removing duplicates and cross-checking eligibility.

Oregonians can also access various online resources provided by the Office of the Secretary of State Oregon. ORESTAR allows campaign finance transactions and access to historical documents like census information, birth certificates and naturalization papers; available to any individual or business within Oregon’s borders. Furthermore, this office offers business name searches as well as an almanac. To learn more about these and other resources visit their website of Office of Secretary of State Oregon.

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Executive Division

Executive Division oversees and leads improvement within state government. Working to safeguard public interests by conducting rigorous audits of spending, providing critical data, and information. Furthermore, this division pioneers modern election processes such as voting by mail and online registration while maintaining campaign finance transparency through managing ORESTAR online application.

The division works hard to make government records available to the public in either digital or print form, acting as custodian of Oregon’s historical documents such as its Constitution and charters, laws, legislative codes and administrative codes. Furthermore, its staff have long been recognized as technology innovators by publishing the first state website back in 1994 as well as initiating cloud-based document management systems.

As part of its mission to support entrepreneurs in starting businesses, the division provides assistance in registering a company and obtaining licenses or permits. It also oversees Oregon’s business name database (Registrar of Companies) as well as operating a public information center that answers queries regarding laws and processes.

Erin M. Houston, Esq. is the Securities Administrator and Deputy Secretary of State for Nevada’s Department of State. In her capacity as Securities Administrator she enforces Nevada’s securities laws while prosecuting fraudsters who violate them as well as civil violations that go beyond any violations in their original intent.

Emily hails from Forest Grove and graduated with honors from the University of Oregon. For over three decades she has dedicated herself to public service – working to increase access and participation for Oregonians through government relations work, ballot measure campaigns, candidate campaign work and lobbying on voter access legislation introduced by Governor Brown – serving as lead lobbyist and serving in multiple roles including Planned Parenthood’s Oregon Education Association membership as lobbyist as well as volunteering her services through community affairs efforts such as voter registration efforts.

Legal Business Names

Before starting an Oregon business, it is vitally important that a name search be performed through the Secretary of State website to make sure your desired name does not already exist. You can perform this search online and will quickly see whether it’s available and also view details about any companies who already registered it – making your research easy and taking just minutes!

Name searches are essential in the process of creating an Oregon LLC, as the state requires that all LLCs register their names with the Secretary of State’s office. A name search can help to ensure that your proposed name is distinct and does not infringe on an already-existing trademark or service mark owned by another company.

Oregon Secretary of State’s office is charged with maintaining essential state records, such as those related to business entities. Anyone looking to start their own company within Oregon must first conduct an Oregon entity name search before proceeding; this allows you to see all details related to an organization as well as whether any rights or restrictions have been assigned or restricted it from operating legally.

Oregon’s law mandates that any individual or company who wish to use a fictitious name when conducting business must register it with the county clerk. This applies both to sole proprietors, general partnerships, and corporations. Filing for registration won’t protect a business’s name in any way; rather, it allows bank accounts under its assumed name and makes it easier for customers to identify which company provides products and services they’ve purchased from that business.

A fictitious name form must include certain information. These details include the principal office address – this must be an actual physical street address that does not serve as a mail receiving agency, mail forwarding service, virtual office etc.

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