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Dragonfly Wellness in Salt Lake City, Utah

dragonfly wellness utah

May 25, 2023News

Dragonfly Wellness is more than your average dispensary; they offer medical consultations, products and consumption devices from top brands as well as classes.

Narith explains that situating Price’s downtown pharmacy on Main Street was made as part of an intentional business decision to draw customers in while also helping people navigate Utah’s medical marijuana system.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Utah’s inaugural medical marijuana dispensary, Dragonfly Wellness Pharmacy, officially opened its doors Monday. ABC4 News visited prior to opening and provided patients with insight as to what awaits them when visiting this pharmacy.

Narith Panh, CEO of Dragonfly Wellness, explained that their business offers everything from growing fields and processing facilities, right up to their pharmacy in downtown Salt Lake City. Panh believes their Main Street location is key as he anticipates foot traffic from across Wasatch Front communities, Moab travelers and rural communities.

As a business, Panh emphasized the importance of prioritizing people over profits as evidenced by their involvement in the community. Donations, sponsorship, and distribution of subsidized cannabis products to those in need have been made by them, and employee engagement activities like Mindful Mondays and Thrive Thursdays hosted for employee participation purposes. They are also committed to sustainability with carbon offsetting practices used at their facility as well as using renewable energy.

Wade Laughter, Patient Educator for Dragonfly Wellness, uses cannabis to treat his glaucoma and has seen first-hand how transformative its impact can be on individuals he’s seen cry tears of joy after receiving their medicine. “It’s truly remarkable that one plant can bring so many lives back into balance!” he exclaimed to us.

Panh addressed anyone looking to learn about their state’s new medical marijuana laws by explaining that dispensaries will only sell to customers with valid cards from doctors, and noted there remains much misinformation regarding this process. He’s to turn away many potential customers who thought they could access cannabis without first seeing a physician, hoping instead to educate people who come through his door so that everyone understands the process.

Natural Healing Center

Dragonfly Wellness Center - Equilibrium Genetics

Experienced medical marijuana consumers may find the process intimidating, so he emphasized the importance of listening to your physician in terms of selecting an ideal cannabis variety and price point for you.

Dragonfly Wellness is a new healing center offering acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation and yoga to assist patients in overcoming health-issues. While improving emotional well-being. Furthermore, patients can discover their body and mind’s own natural healing capabilities; our mission at the center is to foster safe environments that promote enhanced quality of life for our clients.

Dragonfly Dispensary in Utah was open the day state registration of medical marijuana cards open. Boasting 4,200 square feet and offering an extensive selection of flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, vape carts, gelatin cube chews and tinctures as well as educational resources and access to trained pharmacy medical providers.

This shop specializes in combining modern medicine with cannabis’ ancient healing powers for optimal wellness. Its founders are commit to holistic, natural-healing in all its forms and modalities and believe it essential to address root causes rather than simply treating symptoms.

Dragonfly Wellness holds that maintaining optimal health requires adopting a healthy lifestyle and that holistic care should become part of everyone’s lives. They work with independent practitioners to offer services like acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy and nutritional counselling.

Dragonfly Wellness stands out as both a cultivation and processing facility and retail location, providing both products grown by itself and those from other companies. Their products include flower, infused oil, vape cartridges and edibles in addition to consulting services to those interested in starting their own cannabis businesses.

Staff at this store is dedicate to educating customers and finding them the ideal cannabis product. Their staff can answer questions regarding dosage, usage and side effects while offering discounts and promotions that attract new customers.

Yoga Classes

Begin each day peacefully and serenely with yoga classes from Dragonfly Wellness. Their studio offers an extensive variety of classes – Vinyasa to Teen yoga. Additionally, there is Kripalu yoga as well as YERTS classes which combine yoga with exercise, Reiki healing, Tai chi practice for optimal results. For full schedule information please click here.

Our studio provides a mobile app to make scheduling and signing up for classes easier than ever. In addition, the app provides updates about promotions as well as contact details – download now to take advantage of these benefits!

Restorative yoga is a low-impact class that employs props such as pillows, blankets, blocks etc. To support poses that are hold for up to 15 minutes at a time. This style is intend to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which activates its “rest and digest” response that reduces stress while helping physical, mental and emotional injuries heal themselves more quickly and completely. Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels (including athletes).

Tai Chi Classes

Blue Dragonfly Wellness, 6828 Post Rd, Ste 2E, North Kingstown, RI, Yoga -  MapQuest

Anne Ferguson, with over 30 years of nursing experience, founded Dragonfly Wellness with a vision to provide healing services that empower individuals to become their own healers. She credits her success to both her tenacity and two loans from Mass Development.

Devens Healing Center offers massage, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and remedies, energy healing, health coaching, yoga, Qigong, shamanic healing as well as natural cafe services and markets.

Dragonfly Wellness provides more than traditional yoga classes; in addition to PiYo and Pilates instruction from instructor Julieann who holds a Bachelor of Health, Wellness, and Fitness from UW-Stout and certification with the American Council on Exercise; she has taught classes such as PIYO, Zumba, circuit training and Pilates classes.

Rise and Shine yoga and Kripalu yoga classes are offer at this center. Kendra Rossney, a 200-hour certified Kripalu teacher and Reiki Master from Ossining, Massachusetts received her certification at Kripalu Center Berkshires Massachusetts after practicing for more than 20 years and running numerous 5ks and half marathons during that time while also teaching yoga at this location. Her dynamic classes combine running with yoga for an intense yet enjoyable class experience!

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