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The New 7/10 Holiday

7/10 Holiday

June 13, 2023News

An emerging holiday among cannabis enthusiasts has taken 7/10 Holiday or “Oil Day,” is observe annually on July 7th to mark cannabis oils and extracts as sources of medicinal benefit.

7/10 is so-called due to its unusual name; when inverted it resembles the word OIL. Although less well-known than 4/20, 7/10 has quickly become popular among dab enthusiasts.


Cannabis enthusiasts around world celebrate 4/20 as an international stoner holiday; however, another potent day is quickly gaining in recognition: 7/10. When turned upside-down, 710 looks like oil; due to concentrates’ prevalence in cannabis use today, 7/10 has become unofficial day to commemorate and commemorate extracts’ love by marijuana enthusiasts worldwide.

Concentrates are produced by extracting and processing marijuana into its purest form, producing more potency that’s usually consumed through dabbing rigs or electronic nails. Dabbing provides quick and intense highs; simply place a hot nail onto a cannabis concentrate, inhale its vapor, then repeat. Although dabbing might seem daunting at first, with proper training it won’t have to be.

Dabbing can be easy and efficient when using appropriate tools. Consumers will require a dab rig equipped with a nail, heated to 550degF before any material can be applied; for optimal results it’s advised that users apply small doses at a time until it melts before adding more; they can add and inhale until their desired effects have been attained.

There is an assortment of cannabis concentrates on market, each offering their own distinct properties. Rosin is an easy and user-friendly ethanol extract concentrate with glass-like consistency; it can be scooped directly out of its container with a toothpick. BHO (butane hash oil) provides more advanced users with an impressively potency high that works best when consumed through an advanced dab rig equipped with an on-board dab cart.

Concentrates are an efficient and cost-effective way of getting high and staying high, whether used as an incense to fill joints, eaten alone, or added into herbal blends. They are an invaluable addition to any cannabis regimen and an indispensable addition for those who wish to maximize medical benefits while minimizing side effects from other products such as edibles or vape juice.


The 710 Dab Holiday (What Is It & Why You Should Celebrate It)

Many cannabis consumers are familiar with 4/20, an annual holiday that celebrates all things cannabis. Now a new date has made headlines: 7/10 – an event dedicated to oils, concentrates and dabbing products (in fact the number 7/10 can be written upside-down as “oil”!). This new date celebrates oils as much as it does cannabis itself!

As more states legalize marijuana for recreational use, concentrates are becoming increasingly popular. They’re much stronger than flower and provide faster-acting THC levels that have less of an adverse impact on lung tissue than smoking flower would.

Edibles offer an ideal alternative for those who do not prefer smoking cannabis. Available in numerous forms ranging from prerolls and gummies to cookies and tinctures, edibles provide a safe and convenient way of enjoying cannabis, especially for beginners without access to dab rigs or extraction equipment.

Edibles are an ideal option for 7/10 since they allow you to experience the benefits of concentrates without inhaling through your lungs. Edibles also make an enjoyable way to try new strains or flavors; one such example could be Circles Strawberry Jam cartridge which provides a sweet yet balanced effect that helps relieve tension.

7/10 is also an excellent day to experiment with different kinds of extracts and dabbing equipment. A dab rig is a device used for heating up and vaporizing extract, with a glass chamber holding your material, an e-nail heating coil, and a mouthpiece to inhale its vapor containing THC and other cannabinoids that are inhaled into your lungs through inhalation.

Dab rigs can purchase either at a dispensary or online. If you’re unsure which to select, speak with staff members of your preferred dispensary – they are familiar with different extracts and will offer suggestions based on your preferences.


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Prerolls and gummies will always have their place in cannabis culture due to their universal appeal; however, oils and extracts offer advanced users something truly remarkable. With 7/10 Holiday right around the corner.

7/10 is one of the newest stoner holidays, yet has already gained considerable traction within cannabis culture. While its roots lie with The Grateful Dead and films like Pulp Fiction, 7/10 has quickly taken hold within cannabis communities worldwide.

7/10 is an annual cannabis holiday that honors oils, concentrates and dabs. Held on July 10th (which when inverted, spells out OIL), its purpose is to recognize how potency of cannabis oil products like shatter or wax surpass those produced through traditional means such as smoking flower.

Vaping oils and extracts is one of the most convenient and accessible ways to enjoy these potent products, making vaporizers a must for cannabis enthusiasts. Not only are these handy devices easy to use and portable; most dispensaries also carry them!

Vape cartridges compatible with the 510 standard are an easy and discreet way to purchase and smoke cannabis oils. Available in half-gram and one-gram versions, these convenient cartridges plug right into a vape pen for portability while emitting minimal smell – ideal for on-the-go smokers!

Glass dab rigs are another popular way to enjoy dabbing concentrates. These specially-design water pipes can use with a dab nail which needs to heat prior to dabbing the concentrate onto it. True dabbers swear that glass dab rigs provide the best way of experiencing 7/10.

An alternative to the glass dab rig known as an enail, similar to vape pens but without needing batteries – these devices utilize an electric coil instead of batteries to heat the dab nail and allow you to control its temperature for optimal smoking experiences.

MUV Distillate Oil

MUV Distillate is a premium cannabis extract design for multiple uses. From oral ingestion with a simple syringe to vaping for immediate effects, distillate can integrate into other edibles like oils, butters and baked goods for immediate effects. As its flavorless nature makes distillate a popular choice when infusing cooking oil and other edible products with cannabis flavorless bases such as culinary oil.

Distillate has the appearance of RSO oil, yet is much thicker and clearer in color due to the process of distillation, which separates out only pure cannabinoids from extracted oil. Although distilate can vape via dabbing methods, its thickness often precludes use in vaporizer cartridges.

Inhalation of distillate can provide immediate effects and is an effective method for relieving symptoms such as pain, nausea, anxiety and depression. Consumers should start off slowly when using this product – with an amount equivalent to about two rice grains for best results – in order to avoid overdosing and negative side effects associated with high THC consumption such as sedation or paranoia.

Consumers can also use distillate topically by mixing it with oils or lotions and applying to their skin, which may provide relief for localized pain and inflammation. Distillate can also add into vape oil for an enhanced experience – perfect for adding an extra boost to vaping sessions or testing out new devices!

7/10 Holiday is an excellent opportunity to stock up on concentrates and experiment with various forms of consumption. There are always new innovations and developments in both hardware and concentrates available; now is an excellent opportunity to try something different or upgrade your current setup. Most importantly, have fun while remembering to start low and go slow; the more experience you gain handling and enjoying concentrates.

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